Both the Norfolk Community College project and the New Horizons project continue to operate and while it’s not currently possible to offer coaching and mentoring in person, we’ve put in place a series of alternatives that are more accessible to local people:

Telephone and video support

  • Skills Connectors and Coaches from both projects will continue to offer one-to-one advice and support by telephone and video calls to participants.
  • Our team will continue to coach and upskill local people, giving them the skills necessary to find employment, training and work experience opportunities as they arise.
  • Our priority is to ensure that existing participants continue to receive support and that we can take on new referrals.

Training opportunities

  • A huge number of online training opportunities have come online over the last few weeks, including from our partners at East Coast College.
  • Our team are staying up to date with these rapidly developing offers and will still be able to connect you to a variety of training opportunities accessible from your home.

Employment opportunities

  • Although a lot of uncertainty surrounds employment at the moment, the current situation has also created a number of job opportunities for local people.
  • Our team are working closely with supermarkets and agencies to source both in-store staff and delivery drivers. These jobs are fully paid, available now, and urgently need filling to ensure that people have access to essential supplies such as food.

 If you wish to contact a member of our Team, please go to Our Team pages for staff email addresses and in some cases their work mobile numbers. Thank you.