In the first three months of Covid-19 we worked closely with Norfolk County Council, the District Councils and the NHS to recruit volunteers to offer support in the community and in healthcare settings for people affected by Covid-19. 

With the worst of the crisis now hopefully over and lockdown easing, we are now refocusing our efforts on recruiting volunteers to meet the needs of local voluntary organisations who continue to need new volunteers, either because their existing pool of volunteers has been depleted, or because they are adapting and developing their services in response to Covid-19.

VCSE organisations requiring volunteers can recruit directly through our portal SimplyConnect.  In addition, for Covid-19 related roles, there is a specific Covid-19 Volunteer Request form.

If your Volunteering role IS related to Covid-19:

  • Complete the new Volunteer Request Form if you have priority roles to support the Covid19 response.  We will match volunteers that have signed up to the Covid-19 Call for Volunteers and direct them to you.


  • You can also register Covid-19 specific roles on the portal and search for volunteers yourself, but please be aware that volunteers may already have been contacted by our screeners as part of the county response.

If your Volunteering role is NOT related to Covid-19:

  • Update any roles you have on our SimplyConnect portal, so that only current roles are ‘live’.
  • If your roles are not directly part of a Covid-19 response you can still recruit volunteers via the portal by searching our Volunteer Bank.

For further information to help you get started see our guide: Getting Your Organisation On Board.

If you have any questions about using the Portal or how we can support you to recruit more volunteers please contact the Volunteering Team

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