There are hundreds of volunteering opportunities throughout Norfolk. We can help you find the right volunteering option for you, that fits your interests, skills, location and availability. There are two different ways you can search or apply for volunteering roles:

1. Volunteer opportunities within Voluntary Norfolk  

We recruit, train and deploy volunteers to a wide variety of opportunities typically in healthcare settings or in places that take the pressure off our healthcare services. What unites us is our dedication to supporting public services like the NHS and improving the lives of vulnerable and isolated people in Norfolk, through their volunteering activities.

If you would like a general chat about the volunteering opportunities available at Voluntary Norfolk, please give us a call during office hours, or have a look at some of the particular projects our volunteers support below.

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2. Volunteer roles with other charities or voluntary groups

Voluntary Norfolk and other local charities advertise on the volunteering portal Get InVOLved Norfolk. It is easy to search the portal for a role that is right for you, whether you are interested in conservation or campaigning, computers or community work, working in a charity shop or a food bank.

Once you have registered your contact details, you can choose your interests and specify the type of work you would like to be a part of. Next, the organisation advertising the role will then contact you directly.

If you’re not sure what you want to do and you’d like to have a chat about volunteering, please email

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Norfolk Volunteer Passport

The Volunteer Passport programme is open to both new and experienced helpers. It provides core training for volunteers, together with support to find a volunteering role, if needed. Details of volunteers who complete the programme and provide satisfactory references will be held on a register of Volunteer Passport holders.
Find out more about the Volunteer Passport.