Voluntary Norfolk delivers services that aspire to fulfil three main goals:

  • to work with communities to build resilience and capacity
  • to support improved health outcomes for some of the most vulnerable in our communities
  • to enable better employment outcomes for young people and adults

Our strength is our ability to deliver a community wide approach, working with different groups to support health, social care and employment outcomes. Delivering services in partnership is central to our approach – working in partnership with other voluntary sector organisations we are able to deliver community based solutions to complex problems.


Working with some of the most disadvantaged residents and within the most deprived neighbourhoods in the county, our community development services and projects work to build community capacity and resilience.
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Health & Social Care

We deliver integrated volunteer and community solutions to the enormous health and social care challenges faced across the region by placing volunteers into community hospital settings and matching them with those disadvantaged through long term illness.
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Employment & Skills

We deliver community based employment and skills services to support disadvantaged young people and the long-term unemployed. We help clients to develop their skills, often through volunteering, and move closer to employment.
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