What our employment and skills team offer

One of the people who has been helped by our employment and skills team talks about her experiences and how she benefited from the project offered by Voluntary Norfolk.

Karen has been receiving support from the Voluntary Norfolk Employment and Skills Team as part of the New Horizons Project which works with people in Kings Lynn and West Norfolk.

Reflecting on her experiences she said:

“I decided to enrol with New Horizons Project to show a potential employer that I was willing to learn new skills and make an efficient and effective part of the team. My confidence was low but now I feel I have something to offer an organisation for the future.

“The project was flexible and delivered its objectives in a time efficient manner which took account of my personal life circumstances. I was empowered by my coach’s confidence in my potential. Meeting in person and learning on my own devices was particularly useful. All the content included in the course was relevant to my needs.”

Karen talks about the support she received from Voluntary Norfolk

Since completing the course, Karen has been successfully accepted as a trainee for Citizens Advice as a volunteer and says she has more confidence in her abilities to learn new skills.

She described the course as being “accessible regardless of ability and is open to all individuals irrespective of background. It is also non-discriminatory.”

Asked whether she would recommend the New Horizons project to a friend, she said:

“Yes – it’s relevant and the learning processes are tailored to the individual. The coaches are friendly and inspiring.”

Thank you for this really positive feedback Karen! Best of luck with all your future endeavours!

If you think you could benefit from our employment and skills service, or to find out more about the help we offer to people across Norfolk, please click here.