Joe’s story – how we were able to help

The New Horizons project, run by Voluntary Norfolk as part of the Employment and Skills team, has continued to help people out of work in King’s Lynn & West Norfolk with money issues and getting closer to finding paid employment, as shown in Joe’s story below…

One person the team supported in the last month was Joe. Joe’s story started when his place at college had come to an end, which left him with no activities to be involved with. This began to have a negative impact on his mental health and wellbeing, because he is generally an active person.

He was referred to our New Horizons team and was assigned Olivia Parnell as a coach. Joe’s mother said: “Our coach was very proactive and we trusted Olivia to follow through on the support she said she could offer.”

New Horizons allowed Joe to be allocated a support worker through the Match & Mentor Project. This then made it possible for Joe to access the Escape Project – a project that encompasses structured horticultural vocational content, including teamwork focused on gardening, building and cooking.

Joe’s mother noted that the support offered, “has boosted Joe’s independence and confidence. It’s enabled him to meet new people, learn new skills and open his prospects… The project promotes opportunities and feelings of inclusion.”

Thanks for the lovely feedback and best of luck for the future Joe!

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Voluntary Norfolk Employment and Skills team delivers employment support across Norfolk to people who are out of work, whatever their age, location and however long they have been unemployed. We help clients develop their skills, search for jobs and overcome the barriers that are preventing them finding employment.