Dawn’s story: How volunteering can change lives

At Voluntary Norfolk we know how volunteering can change lives. Our Community Health and Wellbeing Volunteers at East Coast Community Healthcare (ECCH) help people get back on their feet after an illness or injury.

This might involve providing someone with companionship and conversation, accompanying them out for short walks, driving them out to attend an activity, or offering practical support such as helping with laundry, shopping or light cleaning around the home.

Dawn was a patient who benefited greatly form the support of one of such friendly volunteers. Following an operation Dawn was temporarily left with very restricted mobility and unable to drive for six weeks.

Dawn was paired with ECCH volunteer James, who was able to carry out an essentials grocery shop for her once a week until she recovered from her operation and was given the all clear to drive again.

Dawn told us, ‘I was humbled by the genuine kindness received by this lovely, friendly young man who also gave me moral support, over and above his obligations. I can’t thank this service enough and the wonderful help from the team who arranged it for me.’

Dawn made a good recovery from her surgery and after a few weeks was given the all-clear to drive again. The short-term support from the ECCH Volunteer Service meant that she was able to look after herself at home. She felt well taken care of by the teams who had facilitated this for her.

How to volunteer?

East Coast Community Healthcare need volunteers to join their bank of community-based volunteers in the Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth and Gorleston areas to respond to requests for a similar type of support. We know that volunteering can change lives so why not give it a go?

Find out how you can make difference and volunteer in your area. In so doing you’ll be strengthening your community and improving lives.