Celebrating the Power of Youth

On 6 June, Volunteers’ Week is coordinating with the #iwill movement for Power of Youth Day. Power of Youth Day is an annual celebration of the contributions children and young people make to society through volunteering and social action.

This year the focus will be on the incredible efforts that young people have made during the last year – a year impacted by a global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

Voluntary Norfolk’s Momentum service supports voluntary and community organisations working with children and young people in Norfolk. Our aim is to support local organisation to build a vibrant and diverse voluntary and community sector that inspires, involves and empowers the young people that they work with.

We believe that voluntary and community organisations / groups are vital in providing opportunities that inspire, involve and empower the children and young people of Norfolk. We want to lead quality services which are safe, accessible and inclusive for young people.

So, whether you run a weekly youth group, a local sports club or are a large organisation providing targeted support to a particular group of young people, we want to support you to do the best you can for our young people.

To find out what we do, or to get in touch to see how we can support groups and organisations working with young people, please click here.

We are committed to building a society that understands and champions the power of youth, where young people across Norfolk and beyond are equipped and enabled to shape and lead change in their own lives and communities.