You’re still young enough to…keep your mind active and enjoy later years

Alan Hopley in front of Voluntary Norfolk logo

Voluntary Norfolk CEO Alan Hopley joins experts highlighting the benefits of an active lifestyle as part of Norfolk County Council’s latest public health campaign  “Still young enough to…” .  The campaign encourages Norfolk residents to be proud of their later years and shows the wealth of activities available in Norfolk to support healthy ageing.  It reminds us that by staying healthy, active and involved – all of which are benefits of volunteering  – people can enjoy independent and fulfilling lives for longer.

“Volunteering is a fantastic way to increase self esteem and give people a sense of purpose. For those who receive positive feedback from their voluntary work there’s even some evidence for specific health benefits such as a lower likelihood of suffering depression and a longer life,” says Alan.  “Volunteering enables people to continue to put the skills and knowledge they’ve achieved throughout life to good use and continue to develop them – not to mention the benefits of maintaining friendships and minimising the risk of loneliness and isolation, which can negatively affect people’s health.

“There are a wealth of opportunities for volunteering in Norfolk and, whatever your age, you can be sure that you’re still young enough to have a go at it.” Alan adds.

Cllr Bill Borrett, Norfolk County Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Public Health and Prevention said: “People tell us that as they get older they want to enjoy living independently for as long as possible and not to have to rely on health and social care services. We want to support people to achieve this by helping them lead a healthy lifestyle. Keeping your mind sharp and active is a vital part of that and there’s lots of information and ideas about adult learning and volunteering opportunities on our website, so visit