Modern Pilgrimage for Carers of Norfolk


To mark the end of his term as the High Sheriff of Norfolk, James Bagge Esq will be undertaking a pilgrimage to raise money for unpaid carers in Norfolk. Our Chief Executive Alan Hopley had the pleasure to attend the recent launch breakfast in Norwich and is here to tell you more about the High Sheriff’s thrilling journey.

I have been inspired by James and all he has achieved over his year in the office as High Sheriff. By focusing his attention on working with and celebrating the hard work of volunteers across our county, he has shone a light on those who volunteer to help others.

Over his time in office he has been particularly touched by the stories of Norfolk carers and the incredible lengths they go to and sacrifices they make for those they care for. It is therefore fitting that his last gesture as High Sheriff to support these incredible women and men will involve both incredible lengths and personal sacrifice…

Today James sets off on an incredible 1,500 mile walk to Santiago de Compostela in Spain to raise money for unpaid carers in Norfolk. Starting his journey at home, he will travel on foot (and ferry) through France and the Pyrenees, arriving at his destination in about 3 months’ time.  As a keen walker myself I know it is not going to be easy, but awe-inspiring it certainly is.

I would like to appeal to you to support James’s pilgrimage by donating to his cause and spreading the word to your friends and family. Perhaps you know someone who cares for a loved one? No matter what our personal experience is, the importance carers have in our community is undeniable.

Whether you can give 1p, 10p or £1, every little bit is appreciated and can help tremendously. As little as £5 can help a young carer to access an activity and £20 can cover an hour of counselling.

Find out more about James’s cause on his website and you can follow his journey on his blog.

Photo by Fresco Tours.