Volunteers Helping Norfolk’s Carers

Volunteering is an important part of what our team at Carers Matter Norfolk do. And you could join our team and make real difference to the lives of people across Norfolk.

The skills and time provided by our volunteers help us to provide a range of important and valued services. These help support to people like Margaret.

Margaret cares for her husband who is living with Alzheimer’s. She has been receiving volunteer support from Carers Matter Norfolk since September 2021.

Margaret has explained how support from our digital inclusion and befriending volunteers has made a real difference to her. It has also reduced her sense of isolation.

She said: “When I first contacted Carers Matter Norfolk, I was very depressed and found it very hard to tell someone how I felt. I am now a different person within myself.”

How our digital inclusion volunteers help

Our digital inclusion volunteers help people get online, or to improve their skills and confidence in using the internet in the ways that benefit them.

Steve, our digital inclusion volunteer, taught Margaret how to use a tablet. She is now able to join carers groups online. Margaret feels she has ‘joined the outside world again.’ Steve’s support has also given her the confidence to use the internet and a smart phone.

She added, ‘Steve was very, very good. His support has given me confidence as I never thought I’d be able to learn something new at the age of 83.’

Before Margaret started receiving befriending support from our volunteer, Lesley, she was feeling “very lonely and missed conversation” as her husband has Alzheimer’s.

Margaret has a love of garden plants and flowers. For the first time in three years, she was able to visit a garden centre with Lesley, which she really appreciated.

Margaret said: “Lesley is very knowledgeable about all things in life. It is wonderful to learn about someone else’s life and experiences. Some of these stories I can relate to, and it gives me an insight into how enjoyable conversation is very important for my wellbeing.”

Find out more

Feel you could help carers like Margaret? Would you like to volunteer for Carers Matter Norfolk? Then get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Visit our website or email CMNvolunteering@voluntarynorfolk.org.uk.

Or if you would like to find out more about the support mentioned you can also contact us. Go to: carersmatternorfolk.org.uk/contact-us/