Volunteering Extravaganza Underway

Voluntary Norfolk’s Volunteering Extravaganza is in full swing at the Forum today as we kick off the Big Help Out weekend…

 Last year an estimated 6million people volunteered as part of the Big Help Out which is happening from 7-9th June and charities and voluntary groups across Norfolk are hoping to tap into the enthusiasm of the weekend to get more people involved in their activities.

To start the celebrations, a dynamic volunteer recruitment and celebration event was put on at the Forum in Norwich by Voluntary Norfolk. The “Give it a Go! Volunteering Extravaganza,” celebrated both the 40th anniversary of Volunteers’ Week (3rd – 9th June) as well as the latest instalment of The Big Help Out 2024.

What is the Volunteering Extravaganza?

The Volunteering Extravaganza was an exciting departure from traditional volunteer fairs. Instead, it engaged potential volunteers through interactive activities and offered people a first-hand experience of various organisations’ missions and operations.

Visitors had the chance to participate in a range of activities put on by over 50 charities from across Norfolk – everything from seed sowing, table-top printing, play with model railways and meet trainee guide dogs.

Tasha Cobb, the Empowering Communities Programme Manager from Voluntary Norfolk said:

“This was an exciting event with lots of people engaging in the great displays put on. We know that charities and voluntary groups are the lifeblood of communities up and down the county and beyond. However, the simple reality is that they need our help, because volunteering numbers are down, hence why we at Voluntary Norfolk are trying to make it as easy as possible for people to find amazing opportunities that interest and inspire them. The Volunteering Extravaganza is just one way we’re doing this.”

In case you missed it…

For anyone interested in volunteering, there are 100s of opportunities listed on Voluntary Norfolk’s Get InVOLved platform here.