Volunteer Training at Hoveton and Wroxham Medical Centre

On Wednesday 28 March we had the pleasure of meeting our North Norfolk Health Volunteers at Hoveton and Wroxham Medical Centre for a great training. The aim of the training was to show our volunteers how to operate different wheelchairs; this is of tremendous help to those volunteers who work with people with mobility issues. After our training session, volunteers will be able to take their clients out and support them better.

At Voluntary Norfolk, we want to make sure that our volunteers have the necessary skills that allow them to reach as many people as possible. The clients of our Health Volunteers Service have diverse needs and it’s therefore crucial that volunteers working with them have the confidence to be able to assist them. The session was led by Caroline Nichols who is an experienced Clinical Lead Occupational therapist from Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust. We would like to thank Caroline for taking her time and sharing her valuable skills and knowledge with our volunteers.

The training session was then followed by an informal chat over coffee and cake where our volunteers discussed issues of safeguarding, health & safety and shared their volunteering experiences in a friendly environment.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event and made the day a success. We hope to see you again soon!