Volunteer helps give client a new spring in her step!

group of people sitting down taking part in chair yoga

Voluntary Norfolk’s Community Support Service volunteers have been helping clients across Norfolk and Waveney. Here’s an example of how we have helped one lady.

The client was recently referred to us by a physiotherapist at the James Paget Hospital. She was feeling low on confidence following a nasty fall and was struggling to get out and about. She had had several operations on her feet and had arthritis in her toes which was causing her a lot of discomfort when wearing shoes.

Following some initial welfare check in calls, we visited her to have a face to face conversation. We discussed some potential community activities nearby. The client was interested in building up her confidence and really wanted to be able to get out and meet some new people. We suggested that she first went for a coffee in a local coffee shop (so not too far to travel) for a short period of time to see how she may feel about exploring something further.

Next steps in how we helped this client…

people with arms above their heads sitting down, taking part in chair yogaOne of these options was a chair-based yoga session at Lingwood Village Hall. This looked suitable due to being advertised as very gentle and for those recovering from injury. The client had not been to Lingwood Village Hall before and so was somewhat unsure of going, as it would not be just a new activity, but also a new place/group of people. The volunteer suggested that perhaps a coffee in the café within Lingwood Village Hall might be useful as a first step to familiarise herself and to see what she thought.

This went well and the client felt comfortable and then she said yes to trying the class. The first class went well, although she was unsure whether she was doing the exercises correctly! After further discussion the client said she would be happy to try a further class as it ‘was all very new to her’ and she wanted to give it a good try.  The following session went well and the client has now signed up for the next set of sessions. She is very much looking forward to the new term!

Example of how we’re helping people across Norfolk and Waveney

The client says that following her attendance of the class that she feels better physically. She stated that her neck and shoulders feel much better. She also says that she has enjoyed being around other people again and is looking forward to continuing with classes. We hope that as her confidence builds she finds other classes that she may wish to go to!

Amanda Read, one of our Volunteer Connectors said:

“It has been lovely to watch this lady rejoin an activity within the community after such a long period of time. I do hope that she continues to feel an increased sense of wellbeing from it. Seeing her undertake this activity just brings it home how much this type of support can impact someone’s life and make a difference.”

Voluntary Norfolk is helping clients across Norfolk and Waveney. To find out more about the Community Support Service please click here.

How you can help?

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