Thank you to our Volunteer Eric

Last month we said goodbye to our volunteer Eric who’d retired after volunteering with us for over 30 years. Thank you Eric for your incredible spirit and commitment to the community.

Eric became a volunteer for Voluntary Norfolk shortly after moving to Norwich from Wells. He joined our befriender scheme at the Lawson Road medical centre and quickly became a favourite of our clients as he started making mobility aids from scraps of wood for people referred to the scheme. As the years passed, Eric became a cornerstone the community could rely upon and trust. It’s not only our clients who were touched by Eric kindness, however; he also became an inspiration for volunteers themselves. For over a decade Eric was sharing his experiences as a “Volunteer Ambassador” at pre-retirement talks organised by the Norfolk County Council, where he motivated generations of future volunteers.

On 15 October 2018 we held a presentation together with the Norfolk Pension Fund to thank Eric for his invaluable service to the community. No amount of words and certificates can fully express our gratitude but we hope you enjoyed working with us as much as we did with you.

All journeys come to an end and while yours is not over, we were happy to be part of it.