Stuff Hubs – Free Equipment for Local Community

Stuff Hubs – Norwich

Norwich City Council together with Voluntary Norfolk, Catton Grove Big Local and Future Projects have begun the development of a number of Stuff Hubs in the city – places where the community can go and borrow items for free or at a low cost. These could be pieces of equipment a group needs to run an activity in their neighbourhood or an individual wants to use to carry out maintenance in their home or garden. What’s on offer in them and how to go about borrowing equipment is up to you.

We’d be grateful if you could take a few minutes to help us develop the Stuff Hubs further by sharing your ideas below:

  • Would you or your group/organisation be interested in using a Stuff Hub to borrow equipment to run community activities or to develop your group/organisation?
    • If so, what would you like to be available?
    • And, how long do you think you’d need to borrow it for?
  • To help keep the Stuff Hubs running in the future some income needs to be generated, what do you think is the best way to do this?
    • And, what might you or your group/organisation be willing to pay to borrow equipment from the Stuff Hub?

Please email your responses and any queries you might have to: