New Resources, Consultations, and Other Updates

The September issue of our Sector News e-Newsletter is now out. As always, it’s a great place to read about the latest developments in local VCSE sector.

View latest reports form the sector to help you plan your next steps. There are also some great resources to help you raise your profile. Several charity awards are currently accepting nominations, so feel free to nominate a project or volunteers who go out of their way to make a difference in their community. Media Trust’s Digital Marketing Strategy webinars are also a great set of tools to help you reach your existing or new audience.

Several new consultations have been open in recently, allowing you to express your opinions on local as well as national issues. You can submit proposals to tackle causes of preventable ill health, or contribute to Charity Digital Code of Practice.

Peruse the newsletter here. You can also always sign up to Sector News or our other newsletter here.