Kindness Postboxes Launched

We have launched Norfolk’s first “Kindness Postbox” in Morrisons supermarket in Diss. The postboxes are part of efforts by Voluntary Norfolk’s Better Together service to tackle loneliness and social isolation in the county.

The Kindness Postboxes are being made by Men’s Sheds in Diss, Wells Next-the-Sea, and Cromer. Volunteers have been colourfully decorating them before they go out into the community. Volunteers from Arty Crafty Tuesday Group and residents of Weavers Court in the town decorated the Kindness Postbox in Diss for instance.

The idea of the Kindness Postbox is for people in the community to write letters, make cards or small pieces of art. Residents post these items in the postboxes. We then collect them and distribute them to members of the public who find themselves experiencing loneliness and isolation.

Kindness Postboxes first sprung up across the UK during the various lockdowns. They were a way to give people, particularly residents of care homes, something to smile about. You can find out more about the first of these postboxes in the UK, here.


The Diss Kindness Postbox

The new postbox at Morrisons in Diss is collecting letters, cards, poems, art, and small items such bars of chocolate and puzzle books. We will add these to kindness hampers. The donations will be gifted to members of the community who are experiencing loneliness and social isolation or struggling financially and in need of a little community kindness.

Pam Spicer who organised the scheme for Better Together said:

“This is a simple, but really powerful way to spread joy to people across Norfolk. We know so many families struggling with the cost-of-living crisis. Therefore ensuring we are able to support those who need help most, will be vital. The Kindness Postboxes are just another imaginative way that Better Together are trying to build a stronger sense of community in places like Diss and elsewhere across the county. If you’d like to get involved with the project, please get in touch with me at