Good Practice Event: Working with Young Volunteers

The Voluntary Norfolk Communities Team and Momentum are holding an online good practice session for local charities, community groups and social enterprises that work with or would like to work with younger volunteers. In this instance we’re talking about volunteers under the age of 18. We would also welcome the attendance of any young people who are already volunteering and would like to talk about their experiences.

Many organisations would like to have young people volunteering with them but worry about issues such as safeguarding and insurance. Some organisations find they have an aging group of volunteers and would really like to get more young people involved with their work but don’t know how.

This friendly informal session is a chance to find out how to overcome some of the barriers that might prevent groups working with young volunteers. It is also a chance to network with other groups to share information and ideas.

Wednesday 10 March, 4pm – 5:30pm:  Book your Place