Glow Your Own Way Light Festival comes to Yarmouth

people riding bikes lit up

A dazzling new light festival, called Glow Your Own Way, will Illuminate Great Yarmouth this weekend and organisers hope it will spark joy and boost mental wellbeing in the town.

silhouette of performer

Part of the shadow theatre displays

Areas around Great Yarmouth are gearing up for a spectacular transformation as it welcomes the much-anticipated Glow Your Own Way Light Festival, put on by Freshly Greated – an initiative that seeks to build stronger communities through the medium of the arts, led by Voluntary Norfolk.

The displays this weekend are set to captivate residents and visitors alike. The enchanting event promises a mesmerising display of light installations, transforming Magdalen Square in Gorleston.


Glow Your Own Way Details

Scheduled for 20-21st January, the free festival aims to bring joy and excitement to the community, fostering a sense of unity and celebration.

Organisers are hoping that as well as bringing the communities together, the light festival will have the potential to significantly impact mental health. Such events often have an ability to lift up people’s spirits, especially in winter months. The activities are set to show and strengthen community connections.

In a world where wellbeing is paramount, the Glow Your Own Way Festival is deliberately themed around wellbeing and mental health and comes the weekend directly after what is called ‘Blue Monday’ in January.

window art work

One of the 2000 window art packs that have gone out across Yarmouth

To increase community engagement, in preparation for the event, the organisers at Freshly Greated distributed window art packs to 2000 residents, so they can design their own heart window display that can be lit up in their homes during the week leading up to the festival.

Intergenerational workshops with residents at Lydia Eva Court and pupils from Ormiston Herman Primary School, with artist Jennie Pedley Larger have created window displays. These can be seen at the light bike procession on Saturday 20th January. People can join the procession at 4.30pm, meeting at Lydia Eva, Peterhouse Avenue.

They have also worked with local charity Tia’s Treasures  – who have handed out “Random Acts of Kindess” packs – featuring positive quotes and a little handmade glowing treasure!

Karen Jeremiah from Freshly Greated said:

“We know January can sadly be a trying time of year for families across the county, both financially and socially. That’s why Freshly Greated are inviting everyone to embrace the therapeutic power of light and revel in a communal experience that promises to leave a lasting glow on both the town and its residents. Join us for an unforgettable celebration of light, community, and wellbeing.”


The main installations on Magdalen Square, Gorleston include:
  • Light installation and shadow

    Luminosi Light display is coming to Yarmouth

    18ft tall Luminosi Tree (image from Sound Intervention) – these trees glow different colours and will play a soundtrack that we have commissioned one of our Play Produce Promote musicians to compose the music for.

  • 6 Glitter Glade installations (large mirror balls that will reflect light around the Square)
  • Aoelian Light structures – these have lights and sound and are wind powered too
  • Heart of light – throughout the evening on 20th January, members of the community will be filling a giant heart with lights in the centre of the Square.


  • Films and a quiet space (with hot drinks available) at Magdalen Way Methodist Church
  • Shadow Theatre artworks – film of work created by Young Producers and Open House group (for older people)
  • Men’s Walk and Talk film – GY Men’s Walk and Talk have created a film to be shared
  • Digital faceboard – local artist STANE is creating a variety of different virtual backgrounds that the public can appear in


  1.  (Cover Photo) Light Bikes Procession
  2. Shadow Theatre display
  3. Window Art
  4. Luminosi Tree
  5. Digital Faceboard