GetInVOLved Norfolk Celebrates 1st Birthday

Since its launch last July, GetInVOLved Norfolk has become the go-to website for volunteering in Norfolk. Organisations use it to promote and seek volunteer opportunities across the county.

Charities and organisations have posted over 700 roles in the last 12 months, ranging from event organisers, student mentors, rabbit care assistants, sound engineers to gardening at a hospice, digital champions and Lego club leaders.

Volunteer feeding a donkey

Laura recently spent time volunteering with PACT Animal Sanctuary

Laura Holland, Volunteer Coordinator at Voluntary Norfolk who oversees this service explains more. “This is an exciting development that’s gained a huge number of visitors to the website; around 5000 every month. There really is something for everyone, whether you’re looking to help at a one-off event, have an hour a week to make a wellbeing phone call, or are keen to share your skills, an interest or hobby.”

Since the pandemic, many charities and community groups have lost long-term volunteers. Attracting people back has been a challenge, so creating a dedicated space for volunteers to find a variety of opportunities that fit in with their lifestyle has been a priority.


Volunteering strengthens our communities

The Library Service have been using the new portal to advertise for volunteers to help with various clubs and sessions across Norfolk: “We’ve had lots of volunteers express an interest in our roles, most of which have gone on to volunteer with us. Overall, I’d say that the portal is easy to use, visually appealing and a great way to recruit volunteers. I highly recommend it.”

Pat (a volunteer) outside a community hospital

Pat is helping strengthen her community by volunteering with the NHS

There are many personal and social benefits to volunteering within your local community. Alongside gaining new skills and experiences which can be ideal if you are looking for new job opportunities, many people feel an increased sense a purpose by supporting people and projects locally.

Pat joined Voluntary Norfolk as a Meet and Greet volunteer at Norwich Community Hospital in April last year. “Volunteering has been a great help to me since I lost my husband as it can be hard being on your own suddenly. It is an environment that I feel comfortable with. I was a Nurse for over 40 years at the NNUH. Volunteering has given me more confidence. It helps me keep my mind and body active and it has given structure to my week, it is getting me back to being me.  I hope that I make people feel at ease and help to address any anxiety that they have about their visit to the hospital.  The regular patients at the Hospital are getting to know me as well, which is just lovely.”

Join the GetInVOLved Norfolk platform

Laura said:

The design of this new volunteer portal is very intuitive. You can search by location, cause, interest and add in filters for under 18’s and employer supported volunteering. I can highly recommend visiting the GetInVOLved Norfolk website. I have no doubt you’ll find something that excites you!”

volunteers holding PACT charity sign

Voluntary Norfolk spent some ESV time with PACT Animal Sanctuary

Visit Volunteering opportunities in Norfolk | Get InVOLved Norfolk. So far over 2000 people have signed up already. They have found some of the exciting roles that do so much to strengthen our communities. You can also find volunteering roles with Voluntary Norfolk or through GetInVOLved here.