EverythingBranded.co.uk helps us to find volunteers this Christmas

Even though many people associate Christmas with holidays and presents, Christmas season can be difficult for many. The last few weeks have therefore been quite busy for us at Voluntary Norfolk as we spent them recruiting new volunteers to support people in need during Christmas season and in the new year.

We are happy to say that our ‘tour’ was a success. We started our recruitment at the beginning of November when you could find us in Aylsham Market Place and in North Walsham. We then moved to Norwich for a couple of days. We ran a cake sale at the Virgin Lounge and we had a stall at the Carers Convention at the Norfolk Show Ground. We managed to raise £90 from our cake sale and we met some amazing and lovely people who signed up for our Health Volunteers Project. We would like to thank to the supermarkets and libraries in Aylsham, North Walsham and Sheringham as well as to the Norwich Virgin Lounge for having us.

We were accompanied everywhere by beautiful balloons and much needed charity containers with our logo which were generously donated by EverythingBranded.co.uk. Our recruitment was a success also because of this donation. Making good first impressions is always important and our stall definitely stood out in all our locations because of this donation. Good quality materials are always difficult to find and can be rather expensive for charities, so it’s always nice to find a company that doesn’t forget the key Christmas values and supports charitable causes.

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