Better Together Norfolk: Bringing People Together

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Feelings of loneliness and social isolation can impact our mental and emotional wellbeing. Our Better Together Norfolk team of Life Connectors understand the importance of social connections and are here to help.
Who can benefit from support?

The team support adults aged 18+ whose health and wellbeing is being affected by loneliness. The areas we cover are Norwich, South Norfolk, Broadland and Great Yarmouth.

Similar services are delivered by CAN Connect (North Norfolk and Breckland) and LILY (King’s Lynn and West Norfolk).

What support is available?
  • Freephone 0300 303 3920, open Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.

You can call for a friendly chat, advice, information, support and find out more about how we can help.

  • 1 to 1 support

Our Life Connectors can offer 1 to 1 support to help you identify and overcome barriers that prevent you becoming connected, to help you reconnect with friends/family and make new connections in the community, to access social activities, volunteering opportunities and access a wider package of support for more complex needs.

Read Poppy’s story and how her Life Connector helped

Poppy was 24 years old when she was referred to the Better Together Norfolk (BTN) social isolation service. By this time, circumstances had seen her moved from one side of Norwich to the other. She had little contact with the few friends she still had and was feeling lonely, isolated and unable to make new connections.

At 15, Poppy was sexually assaulted by an older man. Consequently, she experienced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), self-harmed and found it difficult to trust people. She had also been involved in a long-term abusive relationship and her stresses were compounded further by a learning disability, ADHD, dyslexia and a spinal condition.

Over the course of Poppy’s support with BTN, her Life Connector registered her on several courses designed to improve her social connections, confidence, mental health, wellbeing and her employment prospects. She found a passion for outdoor activities, enjoyed a baking course and began socialising with people of a similar age.

While Poppy’s journey had been a long and tortuous one, with patience, guidance and encouragement from her Life Connector, her confidence and trust in others grew. This was helped by a willingness on Poppy’s part to explore new and different avenues of interest, to address both her isolation and personal development.

Poppy was at long last offered counselling. Following only a few sessions, she was beginning to come to terms with being sexually abused and understanding she was not to blame.

Poppy is now volunteering in a charity shop, making new connections with other members of staff and very much enjoying her new role.

How you can access support

You can call our free telephone number 0300 303 3920 or we can arrange for one of our Life Connectors to visit you in your home or at a convenient location in the community.

If you would like to refer a client for support, you can find out more here: Referral Information | Better Together Norfolk

You can learn more about Better Together Norfolk via the website: Get Support | Better Together Norfolk