5th December is International Volunteer Day

Voluntary Norfolk is joining in with the annual International Volunteer Day (IVD), organised by the UN. It celebrates volunteering generally. This year the emphasis on the impact of working together and the potential of if everyone participating in volunteering…

The International Volunteer Day, mandated by the UN General Assembly, takes place annually on December 5th. It provides a special opportunity for volunteers and organizations to commemorate their contributions, share their values, and showcase their work to communities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), United Nations agencies, government authorities, and the private sector.

If each person dedicated some time to volunteering, the world could become a much better place. (Here you can find volunteering opportunities in Norfolk.) The UN is asking us all to picture a world where more than eight billion individuals actively volunteer. This would surely provide endless opportunities for sustainable development. This includes providing food and education for everyone, maintaining a clean environment, ensuring good health, fostering inclusive and peaceful societies, and much more.

Volunteerism serves as a significant and renewable resource for addressing social, economic, and environmental challenges globally. In the face of growing difficulties, volunteers are frequently the first to offer assistance. They play a crucial role during crises and emergencies, often stepping forward in challenging and urgent situations.

How to Volunteer?

Here at Voluntary Norfolk we are proud to identify, recruit, train and support volunteers. Whatever stage you may be in your volunteering, we are here to help. You can find volunteering opportunities across Norfolk here. Last month our communities team organised a Vision for Volunteering Event. Here we examined ways to encourage volunteering in Norfolk by bringing together statutory services, councils, business and the VCSE sector. We are pleased to do our bit locally to make a positive impact globally.

On International Volunteering day we would encourage anyone thinking of volunteering to get in touch to find out more. There are loads of amazing opportunities on our GetInVOLved platform. Why not have a look now?

Our research shows that people who volunteer feel they are making a difference, making the most of their skills, and connecting with others. If everyone volunteered, our communities would be more connected and the wellbeing benefits would be huge. At Voluntary Norfolk, we work with charities and voluntary groups across the county to widen access to volunteering. There are currently over 370 roles available on our GetInVOLved platform to suit every schedule – what are you waiting for?”

Tasha Cobb, Voluntary Norfolk

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