Please be aware that during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic all Voluntary Norfolk staff are working from home and some of our services may be affected. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and through our News Posts for further information and regular updates.  If you wish to contact a member of our Team, please go to Our Team pages for staff email addresses and in some cases their work mobile numbers. Thank you.


We realise that the potential spread of Coronavirus in the UK can be worrying for Voluntary Norfolk staff, volunteers and the people we work with and support.  Please be reassured that we are following guidance from the Government and Department of Health in response to this very fluid and constantly changing situation.

The contribution of volunteers is going to be more important than ever during this period.  If you already volunteer for an organisation or group that provides support for people in the community, do please continue to do so, as long as you feel it is right for you.  Do not take risks, particularly if you or someone close to you is older or has a health condition that makes them more vulnerable to the effects of the virus.

The following guidance is designed to help you to decide if you would like to contribute some time to providing support people affected by the Covid-19 virus or if you should continue with your current volunteering activity.

I want to volunteer

Voluntary Norfolk is working with Community Action Norfolk, Norfolk Community Foundation, Momentum, Norfolk County Council, the district councils, health providers and other VCSE organisations to deliver a coordinated response which includes centralised points to request help, to register volunteers and to support community groups.

There is a particular need for volunteers with the skills and knowledge that would enable them to take up  volunteering roles in Health and Social Care services.

Other organisations, such as Food Banks, are highly dependent on volunteers to keep their services going. If a number of volunteers fall ill or are self-isolating, these organisations may be in need of extra volunteers to keep services going or to make home deliveries.

Please register now if you would like to volunteer to support the Covid-19 response.

I Want to Volunteer

I volunteer now

  • Follow the Government’s guidance about keeping yourself safe and any other instructions you have received from the organisation or group you volunteer with.
  • If you have any concerns about your volunteering role and risks to your health or other people close to you, talk to your volunteering co-ordinator.
  • If you have a health condition that means you might be at risk if you are infected by Covid-19 or you are over 70, talk to your volunteer co-ordinator about keeping safe. This may mean that you put your voluntary activity on hold for a while or you take on another role that does not involve you coming into physical contact with people e.g. talking to people on the telephone.
  • If have developed the symptoms of the virus – a high temperature and/or a continuous cough – stay at home and let your volunteer co-ordinator know.

Volunteer for Us

Voluntary Norfolk also runs several projects that rely on the help of volunteers. Find more information about these projects in the links below or find all our current opportunities by searching them on our Volunteering Database.