Voluntary Norfolk are excited to be working with Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to support and empower patients with long term conditions (LTC).

The aim of the Health Coach Volunteer is to work one to one with patients who have long term conditions, who have been identified as having complex needs, and being ‘hard to help’. Volunteers are matched with a patient, and help the patient to gain the skills necessary to be able to better manage their condition and wellbeing.

If you are interested in becoming part of our team of Volunteers, register your interest on our Volunteer Portal or contact a member of our staff. Find out more about the role of Volunteers below.

What is involved?

Health Coach Volunteers champion positive health outcomes by working closely with their patient and the Health Coaching Coordinator. The Health Coaching Coordinator first works with the patients to identity behaviours, actions and goals that the patient could be supported to change or work towards to improve their health and wellbeing. Health Coach Volunteers then support patients in achieving these changes by encouraging them to undertake a range of activities.

The support offered by Health Coach Volunteers depend on individual circumstances of each patient, but may include:

  • Engaging in Health Coaching conversations with patients
  • Supporting patients to feel empowered and better manage their long term health conditions
  • Supporting an individual to access social/support groups or healthy living services
  • Reporting any concerns you have about individual patients to the Health Coaching Coordinator

Full training is given to new volunteers, including a two day Health Coaching and Strengths-based Person-Centred training course and an induction day. Volunteers are supported throughout their time whilst also encouraged to attend informal social gatherings where Healthy Coaching Volunteers can share stories and learn from one another.

This is a rewarding role and an excellent opportunity to empower people in your local community, gain experience and develop your existing skills. If you are a good communicator with interpersonal skills, who is non-judgemental, sympathetic by nature and committed to equal opportunities, then this role is for you.

Contact the Health Coach Coordinator for more information or express your interest via the Volunteer Platform.

Project Staff

Joel Watkins, Health Coach Coordinator, Tel.: 07384 113658

Funding and Partners

This service is developed in partnership with NHS Clinical Commissioning Group for Norwich.