The Bereavement Support Service offers individuals experiencing a bereavement a ‘listen and signpost’ support call from a trained volunteer. Please reach out if we can help you.

Grief is felt differently by people at different times. Sometimes it can be difficult to speak to close friends and family members, especially when they are grieving too. The Bereavement Support Service offers you the opportunity to talk through how you are feeling be it angry, frustrated, relieved, empty, numb or something else. We are here to listen if you want to share a memory, talk through your feelings or practical concerns, difficulty in other relationships or if you need the chance to talk about a different subject such as the state of supermarkets or your hobby. If you need more support than can be provided in the one call we can signpost you to other services.

Upon hearing from you Voluntary Norfolk will assign a trained volunteer to complete the support call. All volunteers have completed comprehensive training which includes Bereavement Support and confidentiality. Volunteers are supported and mentored by Voluntary Norfolk staff.

To receive a support call please email us with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Email address (optional)
  • Relationship to the deceased (optional)
  • Preferred contact time
  • a password or phrase (optional -this will enable the volunteer to confirm that they are calling from Voluntary Norfolk as a result of this referral)

You will then be contacted by a Bereavement Support Volunteer from Voluntary Norfolk within 7 days of referral.

Please note the Bereavement Support Service is not suitable for the following needs:

  • The BSS does not provide a counselling service. If this is what you need please contact an organisation such as CRUSE or the Samaritans. These services may operate a waiting list.
  • The BSS is not suitable for those who have lost a child or young person. Further information for those affected by this is available on the Norfolk County Council website