Covid-19 Service Update

Our Neighbourhoods That Work team continue to provide support to communities remotely. Our Community Development Worker John Stephen has shared with us how the lockdown has changed his work:

How indeed! I’m now regularly working across three screens as an admin on several local Covid 19 Facebook pages. Most of my day is made up of responding to posts and messages from individuals (or their loved ones) who are concerned about a perceived level of vulnerability.’

Please be aware that during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic all Voluntary Norfolk staff are working from home and some of our services may be affected. If you wish to contact a member of our Team, please go to Our Team pages for staff email addresses and in some cases their work mobile numbers.

Please follow us on FacebookTwitter and through our News Posts for further information and regular updates. Thank you.

Voluntary Norfolk is the Community Development partner in Neighbourhoods That Work (NTW) a 3-5 year programme led by Great Yarmouth Borough Council to improve the lives of local residents and communities.

Voluntary Norfolk employs a team of Community Development Workers, Skills Connectors and Community Connectors who work with people and community groups to help people overcome individual challenges and difficulties, to increase community resilience and to develop voluntary sector support services. We work with local people, in the places they live, to identify and act upon things that matter to them most.

We are based across Great Yarmouth in Southtown, Cobholm, Halfway House and Gorleston.

Hear from Ligia and Maria, two of our Community Connectors, about their work and the difference they make.

What is involved?

Neighbourhoods That Work builds upon over 10 years of work in Great Yarmouth, building upon existing and award winning community development infrastructure, incorporating active and engaged local residents, neighbourhood boards and an array of varied and diverse community and voluntary based organisations.

The partnership aims to:

  • Create the conditions to foster friendship and connectivity in communities.
  • Champion a humanised approach to service provision, helping people overcome challenges.
  • Nurture skills and talents, inspiring pride among local people in the places they live and work.
  • Work together to create Stronger Communities.

To learn more about the programme visit the NTW website.

Project Staff

Find staff contact details under Communities Team in Our Team

Funding and Partners

The programme is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and is the largest local authority investment in the country.