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Nobody in the voluntary and community sector needs to be told that things are difficult at the moment.

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Budgetary constraints and new ways of allocating funds mean that, in many cases, grants to third sector organisations are being cut back and some are being terminated altogether.

Since the first discussions on the Personalisation Agenda, Voluntary Norfolk has been working to ensure that the County Council is fully aware of the importance of voluntary and community organisations to the provision of services in Norfolk  and of the potential impact on them, and on those who use the services, of fundamental changes in funding and commissioning. We have made similar representations in discussions about Children’s Services and with NHS Norfolk.

At every available opportunity, Voluntary Norfolk has emphasised that a robust and thriving voluntary sector is of vital importance to the health and wellbeing of people in Norfolk. We have made it clear to the County Council that reducing or terminating funding within the sector will not only have an adverse effect on organisations, we believe that it will have an adverse on individual citizens too.